International Summer League

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As the world’s only International Basketball League, Basketours has set a pathway for players to showcase their talent in the USA, Greece, Canada, Sweden, England, France, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Austria, Estonia and more.

Basketours has been a platform for over 25 professional players since its inception in 2016. Players have played or advanced to higher leagues throughout the world including the NBA G-League. 

Basketours has directly contributed to assisting in acquiring over 10 pro offers for American players since they began playing in the league in 2019. The offers have come from various countries such as Greece, Austria, Estonia and Sweden.

The League has provided professional games in Europe for over 40 American and Canadian players since 2019.

Exposure offered for players includes FIBA games, tournaments and verified stats. Game film is also included and our live streamed matches are circulated around the world to teams and coaches.


While our league platform has witnessed the participation and progression of numerous skilled professionals who have gone on to higher leagues, it is important to note that this event does not guarantee a contract or opportunity for every player. One of our ultimate objectives is to assist players in securing professional basketball contracts. We are dedicated to offering the finest professional league platform available, catering to the needs of players, teams, and coaches alike.