USA Cup- Day 1 Recap

Basketours USA Cup

Day 1 Recap

In Game 1 of Pool Play, Colorado Hoopers defeated Palio Venkas 77-69. Jesus Mendoza led the way for the Hoopers with 18 points. Palio was led by Ernest Finner (30 points) and Jacoby Ross (18 points).

Game 2 saw Unknown International defeat the Denver All-Stars 72-59. Earl Thompson Jr scored 27 points and grabbed 11 rebounds while Centrel Landers chipped in 16 points. The Denver All Stars were led by Romello Washington and Jay Thompson with both scoring 17 points and grabbing 5 rebounds.

After Day 1 the standings are as follows:

1. Unknown International (1-0; +13 point differential)

2. Colorado Hoopers (1-0; +8 point differential)

3. Palio Venkas (0-1; -8 point differential)

4. Denver All Stars (0-1; -13 point differential)

Upcoming tournament Schedule

Day 2 Pool Play

Wednesday July 13 at 635 PM- Denver All Stars vs Palio Venkas

Wednesday July 13 at 730 PM- Colorado Hoopers vs Unknown International BC

Finals Games

1st place game- 730 PM Thursday July 13

3rd place game- 635 PM Thursday July 13